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Tuesday, July 30

1:50pm EDT

Wednesday, July 31

1:00pm EDT

The 90-Second Newbery Film Festival: Making Great Books Into Great Movies (40 min) NHS - RM 405James Kennedy Fractions by Fifth Grade - How do we build deep understanding? (90 min) NHS - RM 503AGina Kilday Disrupting Education: Designing Equitable Learning Spaces (90 min) NHS- RM 403Karla E. Vigil Making for Your Space (90 min) NHS - RM 203Darshell Silva Understanding Dyslexia (90 min) NHS - RM 604Betsy aho Being a Leader Is Not Enough: Become a Catalyst (90 min) NHS - RM 606Mark Lamson Empathy - a human-centered design journey. (90 min) NHS - RM LibraryAdha Mengis Having Our Say: Intellectual Rigor Requires All The Voices (90 min) NHS - RM 505ADr. Worokya Duncan Kids who Challenge Us: Increasing Work Engagement and Reducing Oppositional Behavior in Students (90 min) NHS - AuditoriumJessica Minahan The Innovation Playlist (90 min) NHS - RM 206Ted Dintersmith One and Done …now teaching is FUN! (90 min) NHS - RM 204David Frongillo eBook Essentials- Tapping an Underutilized Resource (90 min) NHS - RM 103Karen Shore Founding a Museum of Science and Art: Kindling Curiosity and Encouraging Experimentation (90 min) NHS - RM 501ABonnie Epstein Gamestar Mechanic - The Conceptual side of Game Design (90 min) NHS - RM 102 Nspiring STEM Engagement with TI Technology (90 min) NHS - RM 610Robyn Poulsen Using Seesaw as an Instructional Tool (90 min) NHS - RM 105Katie O'Kane Mindful Moments: Finding Peace in the Classroom (90 min) NHS - RM 106CJ Meehan Shri Yoga & Mindfulness Curriculum (90 min) ATTENDEES MUST BRING OWN YOGA MAT NHS - RM 605Stacie Zamperini

1:50pm EDT